Ali Naro 6 February, 2018 Comments Off on Transience

Starring Timothy J. Cox and Joshua Michael Payne
Directed by Tan See Yun


That’s pretty much how I feel about the short film Transience. But I guess you can’t write a one word review, and I don’t think “awwww” is a word anyway.

Transience is a short film about a gay couple at a turning point in their relationship, but the film is only 6 minutes long, so I don’t want to give away any more than that because I’d basically be giving away the whole movie, and even though it’s only 6 minutes long, the short film still needs be seen with an element of surprise. Although, I do want to give away that until the very end, the movie is completely and utterly silent. It is the very definition of a silent film, so much so that I admit I had to double check with Timothy J. Cox, who stars in the film, to make sure that the movie was actually supposed to be silent and it wasn’t just something funky up with my laptop. I can’t keep up with technology anymore, so I’m never sure nowadays what’s going on with it. And the silent aspect of the film was a great addition because it forces you to pay total attention to the actor’s faces, and so pulls you into their emotional turmoil all the more, hence the need for, “Awwww…” when it’s over.Β 

Transience is just another example of the great queer films that are out there now; it’s just not always easy to find them, that’s why it’s helpful to have a queer movie website, because people send you their queer films. πŸ™‚

P.S.: A special thank you to Timothy J. Cox, who sent meΒ Transience, along with a few other really good short films he is in. I’m now a big fan of Timothy’s! So, you not only get movies you never would have known existed if it wasn’t for having a queer film website, you get to find out about awesome actors too. πŸ™‚