Taste of Love

Ali Naro 27 September, 2017 Comments Off on Taste of Love
Taste of Love

Starring – Mirjam Hameter, Georg Rauber, Berenice Heichel
Directed by Paul Scheufler

So, I met director Paul Scheufler recently at the qFLIX Worcester film festival. We set next to each other during a screening of a movie and shy me only introduced myself after my wife was admiring his friend’s very cool rainbow Tyrannosaurus Rex T-shirt because how cool is a rainbow Tyrannosaurus Rex T-shirt?! Well, I am now officially thanking my wife for helping me meet someone who I am sure will be one of the next generation’s great directors because Taste of Love is a high school film project and if Paul Scheufler has this much talent in high school, I can’t even imagine what is in store for us lucky movie audience members from him in the future. 

As a serious purveyor of films since I was 4 years old (I’m not kidding, at 4 years old I was already a film buff and film critic in my head with goals of joining Siskel and Ebert one day by the time I was 8), I couldn’t help but fall in love with all the technical aspects of Taste of Love from the editing to the music to the cinematography to the direction; all of the movie was so pleasing to the eye and the soul and for the appetite. Yes, appetite. Because Taste of Love is a short film about one girl’s adventures with sex and food, or as Paul describes on his website, “…[I] made a film about love and food, the most important things in life.” And he’s right. Without good nutrition and good sex, we humans can become some grouchy buggers, which makes me wonder if this is why so many of us humans are so grouchy nowadays; everyone’s diets are deplorable and we have all forgotten how important sex is for functioning. It is actually something I have been working on the last couple of years myself, improving both my nutrition and sexual health, and after spending years seeking treatments from doctors and therapists for my debilitating depression with little results, I gotta say that these mental health professionals need to get on board this train of better food and sex, because I have actually seen great signs of improvement in me since I decided to implement this plan. I’m still terrible about eating fruit though, but after watching Taste of Love with all of its lovely shots of lots of yummy food that includes lots of fruit, I’m actually craving lots of fruits now. 

I’ve watched Taste of Love a few times now and every time I can’t help but see it as a work of art. Hollywood has gotten so far away from movie form as an art form because of their need to always make a buck that I often forget what drew me to films in the first place is they are moving art. There are certain films and TV series that I can just sit and watch over and over and over again, like a painting someone admires and can’t stop staring at, because I am so drawn to the look and feel of the movie that after a while it doesn’t matter so much the story that is happening on the screen to me, but the visuals that I am drawn to look at over and over again. The Crown is one of these shows that I now watch all the time simply to look at its artistry, because it looks like a work of art to me, it was so beautifully shot; and that is how Taste of Love feels to me when I watch it, I am in awe of the imagery and I feel almost addicted to it. Or it could be all that talk of sex and food in the movie, but either way, my eyes and soul and appetite are now satiated thanks to Taste of Love.

And now I’m off to go eat some fruit, although I gotta go buy some first. So, check out the short film Taste of Love and maybe you will find yourself craving French fries, strawberries, pomegranate and good sex too. And my wife thanks you, Paul, for helping me to actually want to possibly eat fruit in the future.

Taste of Love has been screening at film festivals across the world. They also have a Facebook page and a website for more information about the movie, and you can view the film for free on the website. You can also now screen the film for free from Vimeo. 🙂