Queer Ghost Hunters

Ali Naro 29 March, 2018 Comments Off on Queer Ghost Hunters
Queer Ghost Hunters

Executive Producers – Joseph Applebaum and Stu Maddux

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Well, I have and let me tell you…



…let me not tell you, because I’m still trying to figure out what in the hell happened to me and sometimes still happens to me, so I’ll just save that story for another day, if ever. I’ve already spent enough time in mental hospitals, so I don’t need people thinking I’m even more crazy than I already am with tales of my recent paranormal experiences. Not that I mind people thinking that I’m crazy, it’s just in my case, I don’t want to end up back in a mental hospital, because I’ve been there, and they’re as awful as you always thought they were, so I’m playing it safe for now. Although, the only crazy people I ever came across in mental hospitals actually weren’t the patients, but the people that worked there. Mainly the psychiatrists. And people wonder why the mental healthcare system is in shambles in this country? Well, it’s because crazy people are running it. 

Anyway, after my introduction into the paranormal world late one night, early last year, when all I was trying to do was watch TV, while having an insomnia episode, I have been on the hunt ever since then to figure out what in the hell happened to me, did actually, really, for sure happen to me or if I was indeed crazy and that’s why I ended up in mental hospitals. And this is why even though the world can be hell, it can also be magical, because just when I was giving up my search for answers and was pretty much convinced that yep, I’m cuckoo for coco puffs, I ended up meeting the executive producers of Queer Ghost Hunters at the Pride of the Ocean film festival (the best damn film festival out there) and now thanks to them, I know that I’m not crazy, just another queer communicating with spirits (even a queer one)…

Whether I like it or not…

And I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I’m just going with it for now because what the hell else can you do when you got spirits running around interrupting your life and scaring the ever-loving crap out of you? Even though they are just trying to help me out, still, I need some guidance here, people! Ghosts! Spirits! Lost Souls! Whatever! You just can’t just come rushing into my life late one night, trying to help pull me out of a 30 year depression without scaring the ever-loving crap out of me and make me question my sanity. But then Queer Ghost Hunters came into my life and saved the day and my sanity. 🙂

So, anyway, enough about my paranormal problems, the super fabulous, totally awesome, oh my God my wife and I love this web series, Queer Ghost Hunters, is just like it says – queers hunting queer ghosts. Yep, the afterlife has queer ghosts too. And believe it or not, this really is a real web series with real people that are really searching for real queer ghosts. The series makes fun of how serious shows like this take themselves, but besides that, what we see on the screen is all real and I should know, because I’ve had some of these experiences too…

….Whether I like it or not…

…And as you can see, I’m still wavering on that one.

The series first takes us on a journey of communicating with deceased nuns, because let’s face it, nunneries are always ripe with lesbianism. And this proves to be true, because the queer ghost hunters end up contacting a lesbian nun ghost and this lesbian nun ghost is so typical of us lesbians, because she right away falls in love with the lesbian ghost hunter and wants to move in with her and make a life. Ahhhh…us lesbians…doing the U-Haul stereotype thing even in the afterlife. Gotta love us lesbians and our need to settle down even if we are a ghost. 😉

And here they are, the fabulous, the amazing, just trying to help some lost queer souls out, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Queer Ghost Hunters! My new heroes. Thanks to them, I’m not feeling so crazy anymore, because they talk to queer ghosts too…whether they like it or not, and since they are seeking them out, I’m guessing they like it. 🙂

The series then takes us to the prison that was used for The Shawshank Redemption (one of my personal all-time favorite movies, but I think that movie is probably on everyone’s top ten list). The queer ghost hunters are on the hunt for the deceased prisoners that were sent there for sodomy, because remember, gay sex used to be illegal. These episodes really brought home into our present day reality what it was really like for us queers not that long ago, because the men they contact are very wary of revealing their secret of being gay or trans, even in the afterlife. And I couldn’t help but tearing up a bit about these men being so frightened of being gay or trans when they were alive, that even in death, they are still too frightened to let people know their truth. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts and think this series is a hoax, just think for a minute, that’s how bad it was for them, living in a time when being gay was illegal, because those men who got sent to jail just for being themselves, usually ended up dying in jail too, because the conditions for them were so harsh. It made me feel damn lucky to be living now instead of back then. Damn lucky. 

And that is what this silly, yet very serious web series does, reminds us that not that long ago, we were so hated and so loathed, that even in death, the pain still lives on. All the queer ghost hunters are trying to do is give these lost queer souls some help and kind words and comfort, letting them know that they are safe with them, that they can be themselves because they are with people just like them. Yet, most of these queer spirits remain wary and leave before they reveal too much, because they are still that scared. It’s like talking to a wounded animal, because aren’t we all still walking around with terrible wounds from simply being who we are – queer?

Queer Ghost Hunters inspired me to really evaluate my life and my determination to get through this depression of mine that has haunted me since I was 11 years old. So much so that I got family members who have passed away that are now trying to help me through it in their afterlife, and thanks to them, at 45 years old, I am determined to conquer this melancholy that has haunted our family for generations and have a full and productive life. I don’t want to go wandering around in the afterlife when I’m done with this body and being all sad and wishing I had done more with my life and talking to queer ghost hunters about how sad and lonely I was. If I’m going to be talking to queer ghost hunters in the afterlife, I want to be telling them how I turned my life around and found a way to happiness and ended up having a pretty kick ass life. And since I’m sitting here finally fulfilling my dream of writing about movies and series and such, and meeting the people who make them, I’d say it is definitely becoming pretty fabulous. 

So thanks spirits that keep driving me crazy, but only because they want to help me, because they want to see me happy. They are my family after all. Even in the afterlife, they are still my flesh and blood, and what they couldn’t do for me when they were alive, they are now trying to accomplish from beyond, and if I stop being so scared about it and thinking I’m crazy, that’s a pretty amazing thing they are doing. So, I guess I do like it. Although sometimes, it can still be rather frightening, but I think they’re learning now that I’m shy and it’s not a good idea to just barge into my life suddenly late one night and shout, “WE’RE GOING TO HELP YOU NOW!” 

So, the moral of the story is, when spirits come a-haunting you in the middle of the night during an insomnia episode, just go with it. I did and look where it got me, at a film festival on a cruise ship meeting the makers of a show about queers hunting queer ghosts! Pretty damn cool. 😉

Queer Ghost Hunters is on YouTube and it’s free! And what’s even cooler is you can buy a t-shirt or button or other really cool merchandise that helps keep Queer Ghost Hunters hunting them queer ghosts. New episodes will be premiering around May 1, 2018, so hurry up May 1st and get here. I need some queer ghost hunting!