Nune – Now Available!

Ali Naro 8 March, 2017 Comments Off on Nune – Now Available!
Nune – Now Available!

Nune is a new short film from writer/director Ji Strangeway.
A coming of age/coming out tale, set in high school, the short film follows Nune, who is lonely and depressed, as she starts to fall for the blonde, popular cheerleader that shows an interest in return in the girl that no one else notices is even there.
And who hasn’t had that fantasy in high school?!
Lord knows I sure did! 

Trailer for Nune

Nune is great for today’s generation, speaking to them directly about today’s issues of coming out and dealing with depression and using drugs to kill that pain. But as Nune says, “How do you, like, kill pain?” Well, having a hot cheerleader kissing on you sure does help. 😉

Great cinematography, graphics, editing and camerawork.
A real professional film that was done with a lot of heart and time and effort. 🙂

Nune is available on streaming services everywhere (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.)!

For more information about Nune, check out their website!

For more information about the talented filmmaker, Ji Strangeway, check out her website!