Morning After

Ali Naro 14 August, 2017 Comments Off on Morning After
Morning After

Starring – Thomas Vallières, Kristian Hodko, Zoé de Grand Maison, Jordana Lajoie, Joey Scarpellino
Directed by Patricia Chica

So upfront, I am from the generation known as Generation X. We in Generation X are squished between the Baby Boomer Generation and the newest generation, which was once called Generation Y, but I think they are all now known as just plain ole Millennials. I’m not sure what happened to Generation Y, other than they got gobbled up by those Millennials. And the point of this quick history in the latest three generations of humans is because the short film, Morning After is a look into a night with this generation of Millennials and their love of no labels.

Bless their hearts.

And I’m serious when I say how sweet they are for taking on this fight to get rid of something that humans have been doing since the existence of humans, labeling other humans. It’s just something us humans have always done, but if they can get rid of this habit of ours, I say go for it, but more than likely, it isn’t going to work because it is just too hard-wired into humans to label other humans. But I think we have this habit because of our origins when we lived in tribes and every day wasn’t about being obsessed with the latest trends on social media, but instead about simply surviving to the next day. We needed labels then in order to survive any possible dangers from other humans because back then we didn’t have Google or Facebook to look someone up to see if they were someone to avoid or not for our own safety’s sake.

So the Millennials in Morning After are doing what lots of young people love to do and have since the existence of humans and alcohol – getting drunk and coming up with games as an excuse to kiss on other humans. So, we learn that these Millennials have their own version of “Spin The Bottle” but with candy instead and how smart is this new generation to include candy as a part of kissing?! So in the movie these “No Labels” Millennials spend most of the movie talking about these “No Labels” and mostly this “No Labels” thing is about how sexuality is fluid. But how fluid can sexuality really be for the newest generation when right away one of them declares that she “just happens to like penis”? Well, isn’t that a label right there? Declaring her heterosexuality based on like of penis? And why in the world do straight women (and even some bisexual women) feel the NEED to declare how much they just LOVE penis and prefer men because of this LOVE of penis? I’ve heard enough women in my life declare this, so when the film says “inspired by true events” I believe this line in the movie to definitely be one of those true events. And can I continue to bitch here for just another minute about this because this declaration of penis love from women has always bothered me because with a line like that, they are declaring that the ONLY difference between men and women is a penis or lack of one. Oh women who love to declare this LOVE of penis, trust me, I’ve been with both sexes and there are WAY MORE differences between men and women than just a silly penis or lack thereof. Just saying.

So anyway, as these Millennials spend the night away, sipping on champagne and downing shots and spinning candy as an excuse to kiss; boys kiss boys and girls kiss girls, but one of these kissing participants is quite weary of all of this kissing of same sex people. Probably because he wants to be kissing on someone of the same sex too, but he is scared of his feelings for men and being in a generation that declares “No Labels” this pressure of not labeling yourself can’t be easy or very helpful when you are still trying to figure out who you are.

I imagine he was spending that whole party thinking to himself,

I’m not supposed to label myself, but still…

Am I gay?

Am I straight?

Am I bi?

Am I one of the new labels that have come to the forefront the last few years like – pansexual, omnisexual, asexual, intersex, questioning or just plain ole queer????

For a generation that is against labels, they sure have adopted a lot of new ones.

And all of these new labels for this no label generation must be confusing as hell, because when I was growing up, the only option in labeling yourself was straight, because if you were gay, God help you. But I understand the need for labels as much as I understand the need for not labeling anything at all because some of these labels in our community bother the hell out of me. Somewhere along the way, my parents’ generation decided to add “lesbian” as a separate label to gay, bisexual and transgender, and so I agree with this new generation on wanting to see labels go away, because that “lesbian” label never made any sense to me other than it was just redundant. I’m a lesbian, but why are we a separate label from gay? I’m gay too, just a gay woman, not a gay man. So why is there an “L” in LGBT?



Or whatever the latest set of initials are that have been added recently to the end of LGBT.

Hey Millennials, can we get rid of the label “lesbian”? But I don’t think that is going to happen because “lesbian” got added mostly because of feminism and because Millennials are no better at keeping labels out of their generation than any other generation before them. Since the Millennials have fought for no labels, there have been so many letters added to LGBT that I have given up on keeping track of what each new initial means until someone declares what initials we are including and what initials we are not and then calling it a day. I say that if we are going to have initials to identify our community at all then can we just go with GBT and call it a day? Everything else to me about sexuality and gender fits somewhere in the categories of Gay, Bisexual and Transgender as subsets, but that’s just me and since I don’t run the world, I will never see just GBT and call it a day ever happen.

At the end of the movie, the subject of labels versus no labels is only resolved by a rainstorm that leads to everyone getting soaking wet and then falling into bed all together. In other words, this generation has discovered orgies, and even though I’ve never been to an orgy, I imagine labels can get in the way of a really good time at an orgy. So if this latest generation is doing what my parents’ generation did and are declaring “Free Love” – aka orgies, I say go for it. That whole “Free Love” thing didn’t work out so well for my parents’ generation, but maybe the Millennials can learn from the Baby Boomers’ mistakes in that area. Boy, my generation sure is boring because we have never celebrated orgies. Oh well. Not like I’d ever participate in one anyway, but still, the option would have been nice.

So give this short film a try. It’s quite eye-opening for us people not in the Millennial generation. I learned a lot about the Millennials’ struggles with coming to terms with who they are when it comes to sexuality, and I have to admit that I now find myself wondering if all this no labels thing is making it harder or better for them than what I experienced when I was trying to figure out my sexuality. I have a feeling that the pressure of no labels might actually be making things harder for them. But you keep on trying Millennials. I’ll cheer on this no label thing for you. I get what you are going for and good on you for at least giving it a try. All I ask is can we please shorten the LGBTQIAWXYZ, etc., etc. thing we have created into a monster that just won’t end and go with just plan ole “Queer” instead for us? It sure would make everything a lot easier, because if you think about it, aren’t we all just plain ole queer anyway?

To learn more about Morning After, check out their Facebook page. You can also check out director Patricia Chica’s Twitter page for more info. 

P.S.: I like my big sister’s version of loving penis way too much to be with a woman much better or as she says, “Why kiss other women when there are still so many men left for me to kiss?” She’s been around long enough to know that the penis isn’t all that great, even for someone as straight as her. I know, I’m labeling her, but she would agree with me that she is straight because we come from a generation that still prefers labels.