Ali Naro 7 February, 2016 Comments Off on Maybelle

Starring – Bridget McManus, Fran Nichols, Judy Jackson, Greg Standifer, Karman Kregloe
Directed by Christin Baker

I have a symbolic pair of grumpy/stubborn pants that I find myself putting on from time to time so I can further stick my feet in the mud and hold on to dear life against change.

  • I don’t want to give up my landline for a cell phone so people can contact me all the time always no matter where I am or what I’m doing!
  • I don’t want to use social media so I can always know when someone is eating a chocolate Sunday or that they are currently shopping for dog food at Walmart!
  • I don’t want to watch movies or series on a computer!

This last one has been the hardest for me. I HATE watching anything on my laptop. I just hate it. I’ve got a 55 inch Sony High Definition Television, so why in the world would I want to give up all of that glorious 55 inch HD beauty for a tiny laptop that I bought back in the now technology dark age of 2009?!

Well, I don’t. Sure, I could hookup my laptop to my fancy schmancy 55 inch TV, but that takes FOR-EV-ER, as in I have to hook it up, figure out why it’s not working because it never works on the first hookup, unhook it, turn off everything, re-hookup everything, turn everything back on and then finally I can sit down and watch a web series on my TV. But usually these web series have episodes that last 5 or 10 minutes long, so then I have to get up and walk all the way over to my computer and start up the next episode. Netflix starts the next damn episode automatically without me even having to hit a button on my remote, much less having to get up and walk all the way to my TV, so why should I give up my TV again for a web series on my laptop? Well, here’s the one severe problem in my grumpy and stubborn pants wearing – this wardrobe is keeping me away from some really good web series out there, especially lesbian web series.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to take off those grumpy/stubborn pants occasionally and try something that I don’t want to try, but really should. So recently I sat down and turned on my laptop and picked out a lesbian web series to watch. I went to a site called tello films because they got nothing but lesbian web series and a lot of really talented people work on these series and all of my grumpy/stubborn pants wearing is just keeping me away from some quality lesbianness and there isn’t enough lesbianness on the TV anyway, much less quality lesbianness, so that was my reasoning for sitting down and choosing tello films. And because I have a free subscription with them right now, so really what in the hell is my problem anyway?!

The web series that I picked to help me take off my grumpy/stubborn pants was Maybelle. It’s about a woman named (big surprise) Maybelle who is 35 and living in the South (being a Southern girl myself, I was hooked right there) and who has spent years taking care of her ailing mother, but now she must try to find a way in the world for herself since her mother has recently passed away. And who should conveniently show up just as she’s trying to live this new life for herself but none other than her former high school girlfriend who she hasn’t seen in many, many years. Sexual tension and heartache and drama and laughter and tears ensue, and for about an hour, I had one hell of a good time. 

So see, I was missing out on this wonderful series because I have bad fashion sense. Well, bad fashion sense be damned, because I’m off now to watch another tello series! And because I’m pretty sure that my free subscription is running out, so I better get in my quality lesbian series watching while my budget can afford it. Toodles!