Landline – Now Available!

Ali Naro 3 April, 2017 Comments Off on Landline – Now Available!
Landline – Now Available!

Landline is a new comedy from writer, producer, director Matthew Aaron and tells the story of Ted Gout, a huge Chicago Cubs fan who works as a public relations executive. When Ted gets passed over for a big promotion for the new college graduate hire who knows it all when it comes to the latest in social media and all forms of modern technology, Ted decides to go without any of the conveniences and hassles of modern technology, even getting himself a landline phone. With his husband and friends along for the ride, Ted tries to find a way to win the promotion back so he and his husband can
buy their dream home.

Landline is a first of its kind LGBTQ film because it was made with Major League Baseball. Landline stares Tom Arnold, Jim O’Heir, Betsy Brandt, Nick Searcy and Baseball Hall of Famer, Ryne Sandberg. Landline was filmed at Wrigley Field just before the Chicago Cubs World Series Victory in 2016.

The premiere for Landline was Sunday, March 26 2017, at the Music Box in Chicago, with a week run at the theater before heading to Video on Demand. 

You can also check out Landline’s Facebook page for more info!