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For more information about Movies OVER The Rainbow or if you want MOTR to know about your LGBTQ film/TV project for possible publication on this website, contact me, Ali Naro at – As of March 21, 2018, I have a backlog of film review requests that I’m working on, so it will probably be about 4-6 weeks until I can get to your project. Sorry for the long wait. If only I could clone myself…but then again, even if I could, that would just be weird, so I guess you’ll just have to wait a bit. 

I am a lifelong movie fan, lesbian, and writer. Having this website has been a dream project of mine since I was a little girl and wanted to be a movie critic on Siskel and Ebert, except I wanted to be nicer. Well, they could be kind of mean, especially Siskel and I would wonder why in the Hell are they film critics if they hate films so much?! Although, Ebert did seem to like movies a lot more than Siskel. All reviews and blogs are written by me, Ali Naro. So, it’s just me and only me who watches and writes all the reviews and blogs and whatever the hell else I got going on MOTR at any given whim or break in a depression cycle, so basically everything you see here is just done by little ole me, so sometimes it takes me much longer than I like to update the website. Well, occasionally my wife will step in and help me with the technical aspect of actually keeping this website operational because I usually want to yell and crush the computer with a sledgehammer when I can’t get the website to run properly and she would like the computer to survive because we don’t have an unending pile of money to keep us well stocked in computers. So anyway, I try to post a new review/blog/whatever I’m in the mood to write every week, but sometimes that doesn’t happen because I’m involved with another writing project, life has gotten too hectic, or my depressed, anxious, and insomniac-prone brain has gotten in the way, so in other words, check back often because you never know when I’ve gotten my shit together to actually write something.

I’m getting more and more requests to review films for MOTR, which is great, but scary, but still it is great, but still it is really, really scary. But anyway, the point of all this great and scary stuff is that it usually takes me a few weeks to publish a review to MOTR after I receive a request, so if you are willing to put on your patient pants, then I will do my best to get a review published as soon as I can and hopefully it will be worth the wearing of those very uncomfortable patient pants. Well, I sure do hate wearing them. As Carrie Fisher once said, “Instant gratification takes too long.” Boy, does it ever. And boy, is the world going to miss Carrie or what? Carrie saved my life so many times. I have suffered from debilitating depression since I was 11 years old, and her books about her mental illness, Wishful Drinking and Shockaholic, were so real and so true about what it is like not to sleep for days on end, getting electric shock treatment, being so depressed you don’t leave your bed for days and days and days and that you think no one in the world loves you and you are a horrible person who deserves all of this horror and madness. She was so honest about all of this, yet she would also find the humor in it too, the humor that keeps us living instead of giving in to the voices screaming in our head to just die already you worthless piece of shit. I would miss literally (and I mean literally) sleep for 24, 48, 72 hours at a time and trust me, you start to lose your fucking mind, and so I would play Wishful Drinking and Shockaholic on my iPod and later iPhone (because God forbid technology lasts more than 6 days anymore) and she would tell me it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay not to sleep. I do the same. We are ok. I think? Well, we think we are okay and who the hell else matters but us anyway? And that is when Carrie would get me to laugh and laugh and laugh, especially during a time when barely anyone or anything could make me laugh, Carrie did. She was that magical, wonderful and beautiful. All I ever wanted to do was tell her thank you. So Carrie, wherever you are, thank you. I hope your beautiful, sad, hilarious, wonderful soul is finally resting in peace now.

Movies OVER The Rainbow (also known as MOTR) was created in 2011 by me, Ali Naro, but only because my wife finally got me to get off of my way too insecure butt with her infamous words, “Get to writing about movies, woman!” And so, I did. 🙂

Movies OVER The Rainbow is a website dedicated exclusively to LGBTQ entertainment, which includes reviews and blogs about LGBTQ films, TV series, documentaries, reality series, web series and more.

Look for Movies OVER The Rainbow at these social media locations that is if you dare to go onto social media, which mostly I dare not to and only go on these social media accounts I have for as short a time span as possible to let everyone know I finally got a new post up on MOTR and then I quickly leave before any word bombs or word bullets hit me and make me feel like utter crap for the rest of the day. If people did their research, they would know that social media was created by Satan to torture our already wounded souls. Great job Satan! We all hate each other now. 🙁






Are you sure you dare to go on social media? Well okay, but just be careful of those word bombs and bullets. Someone should invent a social media bullet proof vest so you can be protected while perusing the insanity that for once isn’t in my head, but instead on social media…

P.S.: I can no longer keep up with the ever changing world of political correctness. If I use a term or word or whatever in the hell that is suddenly no longer PC, you’ll just have to live with what I wrote. Believe it or not, I actually spend many, many, too many hours just writing the few paragraphs that make up my reviews and blogs, so if I’ve picked a word that is “offensive” then I’ve done it on purpose to make a point. I know we all want everything all the time to be fair and equal, but you can’t always get what you want and I know it sucks, but life and all is like that sometimes. It’s good for you. It builds character or as my dad always says, “It’ll make hair grow on your chest,” which is apparently a good thing in my dad’s book, although I’m not sure why, hence my weekly therapy sessions that lasted for 20 years.

P.S.S.: I know we keep adding and subtracting letters to the LGBTQ alphabet, but for now I’m keeping my main logo with just the long-standard “LGBT” because I don’t have the time or resources to keep my main logo up-to-date with our ever-changing minds on who wants to be in our club and who wants to leave. All I know is that I like our club and I’m proud to be the “L” in that alphabet.

And one more P.S.: My wife also gets the sole and only credit for coming up with the title of this website, Movies OVER The Rainbow. I couldn’t think of a damn title, because I’m terrible at coming up with titles, and so just sat in front of my computer forever and a day going, “Huh?” But in about two seconds, she came up with Movies OVER The Rainbow, and so saved my sanity, once again. She also came up with the title for the latest novel I’m writing, so basically, my wife is the title writer in the family, along with being the medical person and all around savior of me. I just write all the millions of words here.