‘Generous’ and ‘Walk’ – Two Short Films From A Filmmaker to Watch Out For – Adam Jones

Ali Naro 1 February, 2018 Comments Off on ‘Generous’ and ‘Walk’ – Two Short Films From A Filmmaker to Watch Out For – Adam Jones
‘Generous’ and ‘Walk’ – Two Short Films From A Filmmaker to Watch Out For – Adam Jones

Starring – Tim Truman and Adam Jones
Created by Adam Jones

Starring and written by – Rocky Marquette and Adam Jones
Cinematography and Editing by Adam Jones
Directed by Rocky Marquette

About three years ago now, I got an email from Adam Jones asking me to watch a short film he had made called Teaser about a young man struggling with addiction in large part due to his inability to accept his homosexuality. Adam was the very first person ever (independent filmmaker or film company) to contact me about reviewing a film for my website, so Adam gets special honors just for that, because right after that, I got asked by a film company to review a documentary that was premiering on PBS, and nowadays, I got more movies coming my way than I know what to do with. I like these kinds of problems.

So Adam Jones makes art films, but they are art films that you can actually understand, so yay! Because I’m not normally a fan of art films or avant-garde films because even though they can look real pretty, they usually make no sense, and I seem to like my movies looking real pretty and making sense. And along with all this art that is making sense, Adam is a wonder with the camera, or in his case iPhone, because in his short film Generous, the end credits state that the equipment used to make the movie was only an iPhone and something called FiLMiC Pro, so basically, Adam made this film with hardly anything at all, including probably money, and his films keep proving to me that lots of money and lots of expensive equipment are not needed nowadays to make films. You basically just need talent and Adam has that in spades. 

Generous is about a Grindr hook-up gone wrong. Adam, who doesn’t just write and direct his own films, he also stars in them, plays a young man who was expecting an older guy for a hot hook-up, but not THAT old. And so for the eight minutes this movie gives us of these men’s lives, we think we know where the story is going, that Adam’s character will show the old man that even though he is so lonely because his partner died and gay men don’t want some old, lonely guy, there are still men out there that will love him, maybe even a young, hot guy like Adam’s character. But as the end of the movie states – “WE want real LGBT STORIES!”- and that is exactly what Adam gives us, because by the end, I was quite upset and said to myself, “Hey, where’s the sweet movie I thought this would turn into?!” But I ended up loving his vision anyway because what he made, did feel all too real, like I was actually watching how it would play out in real life, not in a sappy movie. And this film looked all too real because it was probably based on a real life experience.

In the film, Walk, Adam isn’t behind the camera this time, Rocky Marquette is, but Adam stars in this film, as well as co-writing it and doing the cinematography and editing. This man is a film making machine. Walk is visually stunning, every shot looks like a moving painting. The story is a sad one; it’s of a gay couple that is no more, as one half of them is trying to deal with this ending. This is another real LGBT story. This is the kind of story I believe more of us in the LGBT community are craving. Stories about us, by us. So in other words, we see ourselves, our REAL selves in these stories, which is only happening for the first time just recently in film history. Before, only here and there could we be seen, and it was usually not in a good or realistic light, but more movies like Walk are being made, thanks to it being a lot easier and cheaper to make films, so no studio system and their pounds of cash required, giving us freedom to make films that are really, truly about us.

Filmmakers like Adam Jones, and Rocky Marquette, are making me so excited about the future of LGBT films. We finally have our own people out there making stories about us, and so, FINALLY, we are getting true, real representations of us. And even if those real LGBT stories are hard to watch sometimes because of that realness, at least we finally have them to watch. 

To see more movies by Adam Jones, check out his films on Vimeo, and check out Generous and Walk below.