Galaxy Quest

Ali Naro 16 May, 2017 Comments Off on Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest

Starring – some actors and Sigourney Weaver
Directed by – not Sigourney Weaver

Galaxy Quest is a movie about…


I’m not sure what that something is…

I think it has to do with space…

Or TV…

Or space on TV…

I just know that William Shatner is in it, aka Tim Allen’s character, without actually ever being in it.

So maybe it is a movie about William Shatner’s life?

I’m not sure…

All I know about Galaxy Quest is that every time I sit down to watch it, the moment Sigourney Weaver hits the screen as a hot blonde (my lifelong dream came true!) in a very tight, very clingy, reminiscent of 7 of 9’s outfit, I can’t seem to find the ability to focus on what is happening on the screen besides blonde Sigourney Weaver. And also (blessed be) towards the end of the movie, her cleavage (God, I love cleavage, especially when it’s Sigourney Weaver’s!) just randomly starts appearing for no apparent reason (although if you get the DVD version and watch a particularly wonderful deleted scene where she distracts aliens with her boobs, the sudden appearance of her cleavage makes more sense, and can I be an alien so Sigourney can distract me with her boobs?), so who (as in me) can pay attention to what in the hell Galaxy Quest is even about when I have that to look at???!!! I’m even getting distracted from writing this review, so no wonder I STILL don’t know what this movie is about!

And after writing this review, I think it’s time to suggest to the wife that maybe another viewing of Galaxy Quest is in order? She actually knows what the plot is about. I have asked her, but every time she starts to tell me the plot of Galaxy Quest, as soon as she mentions the point of Sigourney Weaver’s character, I start daydreaming about…well, I’m not telling you what I start daydreaming about! That’s private! 😉

All I can really for sure say what Galaxy Quest is about is that it is NOT about Sigourney Weaver being a lesbian in that sexy outfit and blonde hair. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Oh well.

Toodles! 😉

Here’s the trailer to Galaxy Quest, so maybe you can at least know what it’s about and then maybe decide to watch it.
I did watch the trailer, but like watching the film…well, I got distracted.
Blonde hair and cleavage seems to be my kryptonite, which makes me wonder why Superman didn’t like kryptonite.