Ali Naro 21 December, 2017 Comments Off on Chimera
  • For Kathleen Quinlan, who, dammit, is never on my TV enough, so thank the film gods there she was, FINALLY, on my TV for once. And as always, giving one hell of a performance. Seriously, can we put her in more movies? Please.

Starring – Henry Ian Cusick, Kathleen Quinlan, Karishma Ahluwalia,  Jenna Harrison,  Erika Ervin, Raviv Haeems, Kaavya Jayaram
Directed by Maurice Haeems

Well, there is one thing that I can say about Chimera and that is it is NOT boring. Good Lord in heaven, this is definitely NOT a boring movie.

There is also something else that I can say about Chimera and that is it is NOT a predictable movie. Good Lord in heaven, after about 20 minutes into the movie, I realized I had no clue where this movie was actually going to go, after I had naively decided five minutes into the movie where it was going, and boy, was I WRONG! 

What I have figured out about Chimera, I think, is that it is many movies in one…

A revenge movie.

A horror movie.

A Hitchcokian-like mystery movie.

A science fiction movie.

But what I think Chimera is ultimately about is a love story.

The love of a husband for his wife.

The love of a father for his children. 

And so, for me, Chimera is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever seen, because even though the protagonist’s methods do border on madness, he has approached madness because he loves his wife and children so much, he has sacrificed it all, even possibly his sanity, for love. You can’t really get a love story more beautiful than that. 

But if you’re just curious what Chimera is about in general, well, it’s about Quint (Henry Ian Cusick in quite a powerful and heartbreaking performance), a doctor who has gone basically underground in this kick ass, homemade laboratory where he is trying to find the cure to a deadly genetic disease that has all but killed his comatose wife and forced him to cryo-freeze his children. But of course there is a bad guy doctor to stop him, and this bad guy doctor is actually a lady with the badass name of Masterson (Kathleen Quinlan in a just fucking-fun-to watch-and-be-sure-to-pop-some-popcorn-while-you’re-doing-it performance) and this lady has definitely approached insane land. And I don’t want to give away any more than that, because, trust me, this movie has a lot of surprise twists and I don’t want to give any of them away, because these twists are one of the reasons why this movie is so enjoyable to watch. 

But what I will say is that Masterson has an assistant, because, HELLO, all evil doctors in movies have an evil assistant to do their dirty work for them and Kathleen Quinlan is teamed up with trans actress Erika Ervin (who I’m sure was as great in American Horror Story as she is in Chimera, but good Lord, I just can’t watch that show, way too scary for me) and they are loads of fun to watch doing their evil deeds together. And can I just say that I always love watching Kathleen Quinlan on my TV because she always just shines when she is performing, and for me, she’s just never on my TV enough, because even when she is on my TV, she never seems to be the star of the movie, which means she’s never in movies enough for me. Maybe she likes it this way, but still, when I see that Kathleen Quinlan is in a movie, I need her to be in it way more than she ever is. And she just proves to me in Chimera, once again, why I have this need because of how much I enjoy seeing her perform. 

Chimera will be coming out in 2018. For more information about the film, check out their website.

P.S.: There is a lot of science words and experiments and such in Chimera, and I admit that I’m no scientist, so I just let the film do its science thing without worrying if the science was correct or not, but I think it was pretty damn correct because my wife watched the film with me and she is a scientist and she didn’t scoff or even once say, “That would so never happen.” And trust me, that’s a good sign. Let’s put it this way, I no longer watch Mission Impossible II  when she is around, because she just goes on a tangent about how bad the science is in that movie. It just kills all the fun of Tom Cruise and his pretty long hair doing crazy stunts in super slow motion. When I watch Tom Cruise being all pretty while he is saving the day, I don’t want to hear that he is saving the day from complete and utter scientific nonsense. So thank you, Maurice Haeems, for having lots of fact in your science fiction movie. I was able to enjoy it without any protests from the peanut gallery that is my scientist wife. 🙂