Brix and the Bitch

Ali Naro 14 February, 2017 Comments Off on Brix and the Bitch
Brix and the Bitch

Starring – Dre Swain, Alex Marshall-Brown, David Carey
Directed by Nico Raineau


That’s pretty much all that needs to be said about this amazing short film, Brix and The Bitch, just simply – Wow!

A movie review, of course, probably needs more than one word to describe said movie, but this film isn’t even ten minutes long, so if I go on describing more than “Wow!” it’s going to give away the game and this game is worth watching without knowing more than that. Do we really need to know everything all the time about our entertainment anyway? We are all as cranky about spoilers these days as Joan Crawford was about wire hangers. “No spoilers, ever!” Joan might scream if she lived in this day and age of nobody wanting to know spoilers, yet we always know everything about a movie before we see it anyway thanks to trailers and critics and the movie studio’s publicity that gives away the game and we consume every single ounce of it no matter how much we protest against spoilers. Or even wire hangers for that matter.

So, I’m going to get as close to saying what Brix and The Bitch is about as this – It has been described as a kind of Fight Club, which it very much is, but Fight Club was about what you’d expect it to be about – men. And this is what diversity in entertainment is all about, or at least to me anyway. Forget all that political correct bullshit that we feed ourselves and cram down each other’s throats so we can go around thinking what good people we are for saving the planet from bad words and too many white men. But for me, as a storyteller, diversity is about making a good story better. Here is a movie that could have very, very, very easily been about men, whether straight or gay men, still the obvious and easy choice for this story was to make it a man’s story. But instead, Brix and The Bitch veers the audience down a path they never would have expected because it is essentially a love story about two women and that simple twist turned this movie from ordinary into extraordinary.

If Brix and The Bitch is what diversity in entertainment looks like then sign me the fuck up, right now! I can pretend it’s for the benefit of humankind and political correctness if that’s what it takes to get more of my entertainment looking like this. And if that happens to mean that I will now be forever bombarded with hot women being all in love with each other in my entertainment choices then I’m willing to pay that price too, you know if I must. 😉 🙂

Fantastic Update – Brix and The Bitch is online right now this
Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017!!
Just click “play” in the video from Vimeo above to watch!

And Brix and The Bitch has screened at over 40 film festivals
and won over 20 awards!!
Well deserved accolades!!

Congrats to everyone that made Brix and The Bitch possible. 🙂

Love this film!!
Love, love, love this film!!
Okay, Hollywood, who is suddenly all gung-ho about PC and diversity, here’s your damn diversity, so let’s make this into a full length feature film, shall we? 🙂

The new official poster for Brix and The Bitch!
Kick! And! Ass! 🙂 😉

Also, follow Brix and The Bitch and the amazing director behind it, Nico Raineau, at these locations – 

Nico’s website

Author’s note – Review originally published August 15, 2016