Ali Naro 29 June, 2017 Comments Off on Boys

Starring – Wyatt Griswold, Pearce Joza
Directed by Eyal Resh

Sometimes a short film can have an impact that no 2 hour movie could ever have on a viewer. Sometimes a movie that is less than 15 minutes long can linger on the viewer for days afterwards. The short film Boys is such a movie. About two adolescent boys, this movie leaves the viewer wanting more of these boys lives, but all we are given is just a day in their lives, a day that probably impacted them forever.

The boys in this film are childhood friends who do typical childhood things together like playing in a sprinkler, making prank phone calls, and jamming on a guitar. They talk about the opposite sex and how far one of them has gotten with that other sex. They are silly and cute and just your typical, everyday kids. But in the throes of adolescence, comes intense curiosity about the changes in one’s body and the needs this changing body has, and so the boys find themselves experimenting with each other in search for answers to these changes.

Boys ends, really, just as the story is beginning and I think that is the point. I can’t help but think this film is based on a real life experience of two childhood friends who wanted to see what these changes entailed and so dared to go into forbidden territory, and that boldness probably ended their friendship. We, the viewer, never find out what happened to this friendship. We are left wondering what happened to the boys the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year. Did they just ignore what happened that night? Did they recover their friendship? Or was it all lost because they dared to see what their feelings for each other really were?

This is a powerful film that packs an emotional punch with its ending, an ending that doesn’t let us know if this night led to a new beginning in their friendship or if that friendship, sadly, was no more.

Boys premiered at the Vienna International Film Festival and screened at the LA Film Festival. For more information on this amazing film, check out their Facebook page. You can also watch Boys in the short film series Boys On Film 17: Love Is The Drug, which is out on VOD and DVD December 11, 2017.