Boys on Film 17: Love Is The Drug

Ali Naro 13 November, 2017 Comments Off on Boys on Film 17: Love Is The Drug
Boys on Film 17: Love Is The Drug

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Oh, and what a lovely drug love can be. Sometimes not, and then love is hell, but when it is lovely, it is heaven.

Boys On Film 17: Love Is The Drug is the 17th in a series of films about the lives and loves of gay men. I’ve seen several of the Boys on Film series and the short films that make up every Boys On Film are often quite good, in fact all of the films in Boys On Film 17 have some very talented filmmakers behind them and even a few of these short films are, in my humble opinion, Oscar-worthy.

About half of the films that I get asked to review for MOTR are short films, and I have discovered in the two years since people noticed that this website existed and started sending me their films to review that there are a lot of amazing short films out there, but short films have never been a popular art form, so very few people are watching these amazing films. I admit that I used to be a bit of snob about watching short films because I figured they just couldn’t be as good as a feature-length film, but I don’t think that way anymore thanks to being exposed to so many short films now. I find myself looking forward to short films when they are sent to me, even more than the feature-length films, because it’s amazing what filmmakers can do with just a few minutes of film time to work with. So lucky me got to spend a few days last week watching this latest Boys On Film that was filled with short films and the title of this series, Love Is The Drug, came a little bit true for me because I fell in love with a lot of these films and for me falling in love with a film is almost as wonderful as falling in love with a person. I get giddy and excited and then the film becomes like a drug for me and I just can’t get enough of it, so I was a bit sad when I realized I had watched the last short film in this latest series. They were all so good that I wanted more, more, more. See, just like a good drug!

Boys On Film 17 has a little bit of everything in the mix of love being like a drug. From a 9 year old boy who tries to woo the handy man, to a couple of guys who had bad luck with love and so are reluctant to fall in love with each other, to the 1930s style animated cartoon that was this formerly repressed gay kid’s dream come true to see a cartoon that was full of gay and lesbian couples dancing. 🙂 There was even a short film in the series that I was asked earlier this year to review, Boys, a wonderful film about two adolescent boys discovering their feelings for one another. I have to admit I was very excited when Boys began playing, because that was just too cool! I was asked to review not only a Boys On Film, but also a short film that ended up appearing in a Boys On Film??! Kind of a dream come true, really. Each movie in the 17th series is so different, yet they all connect and if I had more time in my life, I would have watched this series of short films in one go, but it was nice knowing for a few days I had this film to turn on when I had the time, because it was always a nice escape from life being, well, life. 

I recommend the whole series of Boys On Film and I still need to watch all of them myself, but every time I do find the time to sit down and watch the films in this series, it’s very rare that I’m disappointed.

Boys On Film 17: Love Is The Drug comes out on VOD and DVD December 11, 2017. For more information on this film and the other Boys On Film, check out Peccadillo Pictures.