Angel of Anywhere

Ali Naro 12 September, 2017 Comments Off on Angel of Anywhere
Angel of Anywhere

Starring – Briana Evigan, Ser’Darius Blain, David A. Gregory, Nihan Gur, Krystal Conway, and introducing Axel Roldos
Directed by James Kicklighter

Have you ever been to therapy?

I sure have.

I have spent years and years and years in therapy and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on the cure for my crazy brain.

And guess what?

I should have just gone to a stripper instead.

Angel of Anywhere is a short film about a male stripper who is more therapist than stripper to his clients in the VIP room. You know…that room, where people in strip clubs with some extra cash go into so God knows what can happen there behind closed doors, and so, away from prying eyes, especially the law’s. I’ve never been to a strip club, but I have seen movies about them and according to movies (which are always so historically accurate), lots of sex happens in these VIP rooms without it actually, technically being sex. Well that scene in Show Girls certainly opened up my eyes about why women hate their men going to strips clubs. Before I saw that disastrous movie, I never got why women hated their men going to strip clubs so much since always naive me thought men went to strip clubs just to look. And even though the customer doesn’t technically get to touch in the VIP room, there’s no touching required by the customer to get some of that satisfaction Mick Jagger has been singing for years he never got. At least according to Show Girls.

And since I’ve never gone to a strip club, despite getting lots of invitations to them because I think guys just want to take a lesbian with them to a strip club to see what exciting, porn-like things will happen; big hint: if you take lesbian me to a strip club not much exciting is going to happen other than me doing my darnedest not to look at the naked women because I know I would feel too guilty about looking at naked women because I seem to have some Puritan blood in me that keeps my conscience too guilty to enjoy something that is meant to be enjoyable, hence all that therapy I got that should have been from a stripper instead. Anyway, since I’ve never been to a strip club, I now wonder after seeing Angel of Anywhere if Show Girls was lying to me (what a shocker?!) because I have a feeling what happens in those VIP rooms is a lot more like what happens in Angel of Anywhere instead of in Showgirls; awkward confessions without the sexy hookup.

Angel (wonderfully played by Axel Roldos) is the stripper that should have been my therapist instead of all of those actual real therapists I saw. He is every woman’s visual dream and so that’s probably why he is a stripper, but he is also every woman’s dream when it comes to actually listening. In the 44 years I’ve been struggling to stay on this planet, the one thing I hear over and over and over again from women when it comes to their men or just men in general is that they don’t listen. So ladies, try a strip club. Men apparently listen there. And that is what Michelle (Briana Evigan, who was wonderful in the heart-wrenching film ToY and why isn’t this amazing actress on my TV more often?!) does, she goes to a strip club because she’s tried that therapy thing too and she smartly decided it wasn’t for her or as she says to Angel, “Well you’re cheaper than most therapists. At least the ones I’ve been too. They’re a waste of money anyway. You know you just go there and you keep talking about the same thing.” No truer words said. At least when it comes to my experiences with therapists. Michelle’s life is falling apart and what she needs is a good therapist, but as a friend of mine, who is a therapist, recently told me, “Decent therapists are as rare as hen’s teeth.” So since hens don’t have teeth, at least usually, Michelle finds herself in a strip club pouring out her heart about her failing marriage to a hot guy who is cheaper than an actual therapist and better than an actual therapist as well.

And then Angel of Anywhere does what I’ve noticed has been happening in a lot of my entertainment watching this year, they introduce a gay element without making any kind of grand announcement that it is a big deal, because having us queers in films is becoming more and more common and so big announcements aren’t needed in films when we show up like they used to. And thank God for progress! Because this time it isn’t a woman who is in the VIP room looking for advice from Angel about her failing life, but a guy instead. Hot damn!

And that is all of the plot that I am giving away because James Kicklighter, who directed Angel of Anywhere, asked that reviewers not give away the ending because it is quite important to the film and he was right. That was a twist that I didn’t see coming and proof that the musical Avenue Q was right that “Everybody is a little bit racist” because if the two customers had been of the same race, I can’t help but think I would have guessed the ending right away, but you throw in two people of different races and that gave me hours and hours of Freudian debating in my head about how no matter how hard you try not to base anything on race, you find out that Avenue Q was right all along. 

By the time Angel of Anywhere was over, I wished I had some kind of power in Hollywood or too much extra cash hanging around so I could use it to get this short film further expanded into a feature length movie or even better, a limited series, because I see nothing but potential for all kinds of fascinating stories and characters that can come from a scenario like that, getting therapy from a stripper. And that to me is what movies have always been about, inspiring me to want to see more and create more, because I have several story ideas already that I want to see Angel maneuver his way through while getting jiggy with it, Showgirls style. 

So if you have ever wanted to see a movie that has a hot guy who spends most of the movie almost naked and is a great listener, then Angel of Anywhere is the movie for you. Even if you aren’t interested in hot guys, like me, still it’s a great movie, and I even got some great therapy out of it too, so see, it’s a helpful film too. 🙂

To find out more about Angel of Anywhere, check out their website. Also, check out this great blog from Axel Roldos about how he worked his hot ass off to get this movie made. See, dreams can come true, but you have to be willing to put in the work to make them happen. And maybe getting some therapy from a stripper helps too. 😉

Update 1/29/2017: Angel of Anywhere is now streaming, so check it out. It’s a great film.